Perceptions and Conundrums.

Health and wellness revolves around more than diet, nutrition, and medicines. It also encompasses mental health.

In an age of Instagram and filters; where social media enables us to project a carefully curated facade. It isn’t always easy to differentiate between what is real, and what isn’t. Especially for the younger generations.

An Instagram picture of my boys, taken at my sister-in-laws wedding.

As a mother, I am very open with my children. It is my job to give them the tools to be able to see what is genuine, and what isn’t. To become complete human beings. By complete, I mean well rounded, compassionate, and as authentic as possible. I want them to have the confidence to fail, as they learn to succeed. I grew up not really knowing how to be my own person. I don’t want my children struggling in adulthood, because I failed to give them opportunities in which to learn who they are, from an early age. Allowing them to be human. Knowing they will always have family to care about them and support them unconditionally, when they do fail.

One of the hardest challenges for me, is finding balance between being a mother, a friend, and a teacher. While I want to protect them, and sometimes my reputation as a mother, I have to allow them to make their choices, for better or worse. Even if it means I feel their failure too.

Becoming an observer.

Which brings me to another conundrum. Backlash when your child inevitably fails in some way, and it falls back on your parenting, and how it’s viewed by others.

Little Malcolm and Papa

“Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.”

-My Husband (Jimmy)

The question of the day for me, came from Troy Hendrick. How Do Others See Me? It made me really think about the way I present myself, and what I view as my ‘authentic’ self . Can we all be 100% authentic, all the time? What do I do in my everyday routines, that tell other’s who I am? How much of ourselves do we allow to be seen by the people we interact with, or encounter daily? Is it reasonable to expect someone to be?

I personally don’t think so.

It boils down to the mindset of the people you interact with. Understanding you can’t please everyone, is very important for mental health. As long as you feel you are staying true to your ‘authentic’ self, to the best of your ability, in the end it is all you can reasonably be expected to do.

Until next time friends, thanks for reading.