Budget Discovery

I think of myself as pretty budget savoy mother. When it comes to feeding 3 growing boys, I have to get the most food for my buck. Lets face it kids are bottomless pits. Which means I easily spend $200 or more a week on groceries. And that’s with school in session.

I have learned to buy in bulk. Having a well stocked pantry is a must, and I never let anything go to waste if I can help it. With only one income, money is tight. I buy lots of dried goods, such as rice, pasta, legumes. It is cheap, and can be used in practically every dish. I also use a lot of discounted meat. Stuff the store has to get gone, because its about to reach it sell by date. It keeps my freezer well stocked, and I get great cuts at half the cost. Also having a hubby who can make pretty much anything I need or want is pretty awesome! I wanted to learn how to make bread, so he taught me. My first time making milk bread.

Milk Bread. Made really awesome french toast too!
Butternut gnocchi with asparagus.

We grew butternut squash this year, and I wanted him to make gnocchi. It was divine!

We keep also supply of poultry broth on hand in the freezer where it can last up to 6 months. We don’t let our bird carcasses go to waste. It’s easy to throw it into a stock pot of water and aromatics and let it simmer over night.

I’m not even sure when the last time we took all the kids out to dinner was. I actually just fed 2 of the 3 McDonald’s, as a special treat. Weirdly enough. The little one kept asking for a happy meal so I agreed to buy him one yesterday, and then Nathan asked if he could have 2 cheeseburgers. Yuck! Eating out is expensive, and the food is usually mediocre at best. Unless we go to a nice restaurant, and that happens rarely. And lets face it this chicken sandwich is way better than anything McDonald’s has to offer!

Biscuit waffle chicken sandwich. It has bacon onion jam on it.

My husband works in the food industry, and has spent the last 17 years teaching me how to cook. I even learned to appreciate the art. Going so far as to consider myself a moderate foodie. I get excited when I find new ways to cut my food bill back, while not skimping on food quality.

Thank you site tracking software. Your creepy stalking may have paid off yet again!

Jimmy (the hubbs) was browsing the internet about a week ago, and “came across” an add for Imperfect foods. As a cook,(he doesn’t consider himself a chef) my man looks at a lot of food related things online, so it’s no surprise the tracking software ‘lead’ him to it.

Their mission is to “Eliminate food waste, and build a better food system for everyone.” (Good Mission.)

They started in San Francisco, and have expanded across much of the U.S. We took a look at the reviews, and really liked the amount of positive feed back we saw. It made us want to give this company a go. I love the idea of selling food that is rejected simply because it doesn’t conform to certain standards. There is so much food waste in this country. What they don’t sell they donate. They even offer a 33% discount on boxes for low income families. They just have you fill out a form to qualify.

We have placed an order for our first box/s. We are a family of 5 so we got the extra large box. We get to customize the box in a 4 day window, prior to shipping, and they don’t charge you until the package has been delivered. Our first box will arrive Tuesday.

I will be posting up an unboxing and review next week. Where I will talk more in-depth about the process, and my impressions. I may even post a recipe with items made from the box. Let me know in the comments if that is something that would interest you!

Until then, thanks for stopping in. I hope you all have a beautiful Saturday.