Storyboard Drama

Procrastination between acts!

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I think I have passed another hurdle in my writing adventures. Progress has been slow. It’s hard to hold yourself accountable when all you seem to want to do is take the easy route. For me, the easy road is procrastinating and pretending like I’m not wasting productive time that could be used to finish my storyboards. Que the anxiety and shame spiral. 

Act one is finished, but that leaves two more. More questions to answer, more plot holes to fill. I never thought of myself as truly OCD, but I obsessively poke holes at every turn. A mental game of hopscotch with rollercoasters for legs and springs for feet. The process is exhausting. My only hope is the horrible trait will pay off in the end. Try as I might, I can’t seem to change it. 

It’s incredible how limiting being down a vehicle can be. Being stuck at home is not helping. Gas prices are outrageous, and Ethel the Explorer is out of commission. Leaving only Mopar Fred, who has an expensive drinking problem. I’m in the process of adopting an electric scooter to add to the family. Which will make life easier while we save up for transmission repairs. 

My sedentary life has disgusted my muse. So, I am on the hunt for another. In the meantime, I keep pushing myself to improve, learn, and grow. I can’t build anything if I don’t keep going. I can’t let the only legacy I leave my children be procrastination and missed opportunities. 

Thanks for reading and all the continued support!