Mysterious Forces, and Random Connections

Hello everyone, 

Sorry for the disappearing act. My WordPress bill came due in the middle of a big landscaping project. I debated whether to keep paying or go back to the free version. Having to prioritize funds for projects is always a juggling act. I was trying to decide if th3record was on the list. The universe must have decided it’s odd were too low and found a chill way to text. (Thanks for that, BTW.)

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So, update. Not much to report; as I said, major landscaping projects pretty much take up all my free time. I have done little writing. However, I have been plotting in the far reaches of my brain while laboring away and jotting things down as they come to me. 

I hate setting goals for my writing because I rarely meet them but never say die, right? Lol, my goal for the next 2 days is to plot for at least a few hours each day. 

I printed out one of my workbook PDF’s a few months back (I may have mentioned it in my last post, I can’t remember). I started filling in the character worksheets and making notes to flesh each person with an important role. I also spent a few days reading more of my grandpa’s old family letters in his wooden chest. Which is helping me get some perspective on Mel’s grandfather’s mindset. 

I worked on the plot a bit, but it has been a minute since I looked at the notebook. I have been thinking about the Grandparent’s backstory and their connection to the antagonist. The detailed notes I took about the plot will probably get changed up with fresh eyes, which I suppose is good. Refinement and all.

I find I have to remind myself not to get hung up on minor details. It is in my nature to pick things apart, but I have gotten much better at resisting the urge, which has made it easier to make progress. Oddly enough, I have found the solution to many of those minor details simply by leaving them and coming back to them later.

At any rate, that is the latest update. Hopefully, my next post will be a peek into T.M.E.

Thanks for reading!