Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic

How has everyone been holding up? Things have been pretty mellow at my house. My boys never really got into sports, and are heavy gamers, so life has gone on as normal.

I think I am the one affected most by the quarantine. As someone who values having large chunks of quiet time,  I have had to find creative ways to recharge, without going into crazy mom mode. I love my children, but they are sarcastic, nit-picky little assholes. Right down to the littlest one. My five year old has an eye roll that makes my hand twitch every time I think about it. I have to remind myself it’s just a phase; while smacking my oldest for teaching him how, and yelling at the middle one to change his tone when talking to people. (He’s got a smart mouth on him. Just like his daddy.)

So. Much. Bickering. Thank God for alcohol. 

I want to give a big shout out to all the teachers out there. I appreciated you guys before this whole thing; and so much more during. I could never do what you do, in a million years. Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work. Kids are little energy sucking vampires. That is not to say they aren’t a hoot and a half, but I struggle with teaching my own 3 how to be decent humans. I shudder to think what would happen if I were responsible for other people’s kids too. 

My kids’ teachers have all been amazing in switching their classes to distance learning. The district has been extremely helpful in giving families access to resources in order to make the transition as smooth as humanly possible. The amount of community outreach has been amazing, and inspiring. Our local school district has chosen to heed Gov. Newsom’s recommendations, and continue distance learning for the remainder of the school year. 

The social distancing started just as my boys went on spring break. As a result, their break was extended by a week as preparations for online learning began. The school district has remained in constant contact throughout the whole transition. (To the point of being annoying at times, but under the circumstances, we took it all in stride.) Distance learning officially started March 30th.

The middle one stepped on his chromebook at some point over the weekend, resulting in a broken screen, and a now unusable device. 

I had been juggling all three between two computers, since I don’t have a camera on my desktop. Which means, the video chats have to be done on the chromebooks. Scheduling has been okay so far but it takes up most of my day. I have to adjust to my new role of teacher to 3,  as it becomes our new norm.

Fortunately, I was able to get another chromebook issued to my youngest today. They don’t normally issue them until 2nd grade or higher (my two older boys didn’t get one until middle school) but with the pandemic, they made an exception and issued one to everyone who needed it. I think they even have programs for families without the internet. 

 I am pleasantly surprised how well the first week has been going. My oldest has been struggling with a couple of his classes all year, and is receiving failing grades. It has been an ongoing struggle, and he already has to take 2 courses this summer to make up credit. I expected him to fight me on doing his work, and he hasn’t. In fact, dare I say it, I think he prefers having online stuff because he only has to work half the day. I can sit with him and help him with his history. (He hates the subject, and I love it.) I think he sees the benefit in me helping him. I am hopeful we can at least pull his grades up to a “C” by the end of the year. I am happy with anything as long as it’s not a “D” or an “F”.

Talking to the neighbor boy through the fence.

My youngest is also taking the distancing pretty hard. He is only 5 and in TK (transitional kindergarten). He is used to being active and socializing outside with his friends, burning off all that 5 year old energy. Which is exhausting to keep up with. Getting my older two engaged and entertaining their little brother is a chore all on its own, most days. So, I get a lot more activity during the day than I used too. (Though to be fair, they step up when they have to, it just usually takes me nagging them; like they do to me. *evil laugh*. They see their little brother as a nuisance more than anything, and that is a whole ‘nother can of worms.)

Fortunately his teacher is super creative and figured out a way to home school TK. She put together these awesome little work books, and activity bags. Some folks needed books so she cleaned out an unused bookshelf and gave each kid 12 books! She gave them bubble wands, came up with a few games and activities they had been going to do in class and provided all the materials! And hand delivered all of it! We are communicating through email, and text; as we figure out a ‘seesaw’ hurtle. My older two use Google Classroom, and have already been using it for a while, so I am familiar with it. It is a learning curve though! That is only used for turning in pictures of work completed and I have email or text for that. 

Throughout all of this, I have come down with some sort of bug. I am hoping it isn’t COVID-19, but I will be going in to get looked at later today. I have been battling a fever since yesterday, and have a weird lump in my throat, that I can’t get rid of. It doesn’t hurt, but it is kind of itching, and annoying. I am constantly trying to clear my throat, and have a mild cough. I googled my symptoms. It seems like it may be laryngitis brought on by a viral infection like the flu or a cold. Fingers crossed it wasn’t brought on by COVID. If it is, I am sure it is a mild case. I am not having difficulty breathing, and have no chronic lung conditions. 

However, my husband works at the hospital, making patient meals. If I am diagnosed with COVID, then he will have to be tested. He is our only source of income, it is scary to think that he may not be working for a few weeks if one, or both, of us test positive. However it is for the health and safety of everyone that he stays home, if he is infected.

Keep me in your thoughts folks. I am worried, although I am trying not to stress myself out over it. Thanks for reading. I will update everyone soon.

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