A Break from the Grind

Ok, here is a chance for me to get to know my readers. (I am supposed to be optimistic and say I have readers, lol. We all know the reality is I have next to zero. However, that will change with time. Fingers crossed.)

The question I pose to you dear readers is this; How do you filter out the background shenanigans when you are working on a project at home?

A snapshot of my chaotic household.

I have found it is not easy to work from home with a busy 5 year old boy on winter break, and a newly rescued puppy. Among other distractions. (2 of the 3 kids are self sufficient.) Who we discovered is not house broken when we got her home yesterday. The fawn colored one in the photo above. She seems to be part husky, only 7 months old. She is super sweet, and Bug loves her to pieces. The other girl in the shot. She is also 5.

One of the things I do to help me focus is put headphones on and listen to some music. It helps keep me focused, when my little man likes to tell me stories, he has a vivid imagination, while I’m trying to write my own story. I do leave the volume low enough to hear him, and whats going on around me. Chaos would ensue if I don’t. I am forever explaining the idea that mommy is working from home now, and must work on her project. It is a hard concept for a little guy to grasp, but he’s trying very hard.

I took a few days off. I have to remember that I am trying to build a business, but I must have down time. Past mistakes have burned me out before. So, I haven’t made a post in 3 days. Because downtime. That is okay though. As Will says. It’s a layering process. Build a strong foundation first.

Today my goal is to get about 1k words out, then read some more. I kind of want to link my Fiverr account to this page, but I’m not sure how to do that. I may pick out a book on navigating WordPress, and read that today.

My deadline will come up fast, so I have to finish. I feel good about today, it’s going to be a good day.